Beastkin is a diverse humanoid species found in the Waking World.

Game mechanics

  • Medium size
  • 35 ft. speed
  • +2 Wisdom or +2 Strength
  • Animal Attribute: You have either a natural attack (a bite, claws, or a tail slap) in which you are proficient that deals 1d6 damage or thickened, durable skin that gives you a +1 natural armor bonus.
  • Rapid Metabolism: When you recover hit points, you can choose in a single instance to double the amount of hit points you recover from a single source. (Usable 1/day.)
  • Scent: Advantage on Survival and Perception checks that involve scent.

Beastkin tend to be hairy or furry, though some have leathery skin; some have long snouts, and others have short muzzles or even more humanlike faces; beastkin have varying levels of paws, claws, fangs, and tails.



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