Waking World

The Waking World encompasses all of the lands, oceans, and skies in the physical world. It is distinct from the Dreamscape.


  • Badger is a small village. (Cardinal directions on this list are derived using Badger as a starting point.)
  • Commall is a large city in the north.
  • Eoz is a city in the southeast.
  • Harrow is a village in the northeast.
  • Highpass Bridge is an old, stone bridge that crosses White Peak River near Commall.
  • Lerriad is a very large city in the far west.
  • Naari is a large city in the southwest.
  • Red Valley is a low valley near Commall filled with scarlet apple trees and stone ruins.
  • Smino is a city in the northwest.
  • Stony Hills is a series of large, steep hills near Commall that are covered in grass except for their bare, smoothed, stony tops.
  • Troll’s Maw is a cold, misty swamp of algae-filled pools and small hillocks of mud near Badger.
  • Vierr is a small city in the east.
  • White Peak is a large, snow-capped mountain at the end of the Suncrest Mountains.
  • White Peak River is a wide, fast river that flows through canyons down from White Peak.
  • Wildwheat Woods is a small forest of tall (25-40 ft.), close-set stalks of wildwheat near Badger.


  • Atlas Mining Company is a huge company that mines iron and copper in the Waking World and harvests dreamstuff from the Dreamscape.
  • The Delvers’ Guild is a small company in Badger that recovers lost things from the Dreamscape.

Waking World

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