Aldez is the largest city in the Dreamscape. It is home to Salon and to the headquarters of the the Indulgists’ Society.

Aldez’s population is approximately 100,000, and it is ruled by Attindoor Djoong.

History of Aldez

1 year ago: The sale of goods and services to visitors from the Waking World was opened up to every citizen of Aldez, not just established and licensed businesses. The city and its citizens entered a golden age of prosperity.
10 years ago: Salon was established as the central travel hub of the Luyehr Valley. All visitors from the Waking World began arriving at Salon.
100 years ago: The Circle of Stoicists was ousted from political power, and the Indulgists’ Society took control of Salon in a vicious—but largely nonviolent—political coup.


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