The Dreamscape is a vast world that is connected to the Waking World, but not parallel. The Dreamscape is surrounded by the Maelstrom (which is the world where dreamforms go when someone in the Waking World sleeps without using a talisman).

Inhabitants of the Dreamscape

The Dreamscape is inhabited by many creatures, just like the Waking World, but the major communities are inhabited by kenku, rakshasas, changelings, and djinn. These humanoids live in relative peace. Most of these communities revolve around the business of providing goods and services to visitors from the Waking World.

Inhabitants of the Dreamscape are willing to provide almost any service, though most visitors seek out physical pleasures of varies kinds. Inhabitants of the Dreamscape also sell goods, everything from food and clothing to homes and pets. Anything purchased by a visitor in the Dreamscape is reclaimed when visitors leave unless they own property or pay rent on a storage space of some kind.

In the Dreamscape, no one sleeps, but inhabitants of the Dreamscape still need to eat, drink, and breathe air. Inhabitants of the Dreamscape can be injured and even killed, though they are generally harder to kill than the average inhabitant in the Waking World. Inhabitants of the Dreamscape all speak, read, and write the same language, called dreamspeak, though pronunciation varies throughout the Dreamscape.

Visiting the Dreamscape

When someone from the Waking World first visits the Dreamscape, they are drawn to the Salon, where they “wake up” in a soft bed. There is always a full staff of welcomers to deal with first-time visitors. Other than some initial confusion and/or dizziness, first-time visitors suffer no more ill effects than anyone else in their dreamform. However, first-time visitors may be surprised to learn that none of their clothes or anything else that they had on their person in the Waking World is tangible in the Dreamscape. They are all visible, but they cannot affect any part of the Dreamscape, any Dreamscape inhabitant, or any dreamforms. Only the dreamform’s “physical” body (including prosthetic limbs but not including things temporarily attached to the body) can affect people or objects in the Dreamscape. Visitors are sometimes put off and find themselves a bit shorter than they’re used to, since the soles of their footwear pass through the floor and ground in the Dreamscape.

Often, first-time visitors are able to get access to free services and samples of products, but aside from those one-off deals, visitors to the Dreamscape will find that everything there has a price. Inhabitants of the Dreamscape always carry small books of paper and charcoal pencils. A sheet of paper with a name and a few words on it can be worth a fortune in the Dreamscape, or it can be worth little more than a bowl of cold soup. Visitors to the Dreamscape are able to “spend” their emotions and memories in the Dreamscape in exchange for goods and services. Inhabitants of the Dreamscape can then use these emotions and memories themselves, taking enjoyment—and some scholars argue a sort of psychic sustenance—from the use. Powerful emotions are worth more, as are stronger and more detailed memories. However, when visitors return to their physical bodies in the Waking World, they will have no recollection of any memories they spend, and they will be unable to experience any emotion they’ve spent for some time, from as little as a few hours to as long as a few days, depending on the strength and intensity of the emotion.

Visitors in dreamform state do not need to eat or drink, though they often do out of habit or enjoyment. Visitors in dreamform do not technically need to breathe, either, but when they feel that they cannot breathe, it is possible for their physical forms to suffocate. The same does not hold true for non-lethal injuries suffered in the Dreamscape, but should a dreamform be destroyed in the Dreamscape, the corresponding physical form almost always dies as well. Though it is possible for the “killed” dreamform to be drawn back to the physical form and for the individual to survive the experience.

Dreamforms are all proficient in dreamspeak, and no scholar has yet determined what dreamspeak sounds like compared to any language in the Waking World. To visitors, dreamspeak tends to sound like the Waking World language that they are most familiar with. The same holds true for the dreamspeak alphabet, which every dreamform is proficient in to the same extent that they are proficient in reading and writing any language in the Waking World.

Guilds and companies in the Waking World

Many guilds and companies from the Waking World do business in the Dreamscape. These organizations have generally built up a cache of goods and/or favors in the Dreamscape, but they also spend their members’ and employees’ emotions, and sometimes memories, depending on the type of contract that an employee or member has signed with the organization.

These companies often run various kinds of operations in the Dreamscape. For example, Atlas Mining Company owns a building and a large collection of tools and protective gear so that its employees can harvest dreamstuff, and the Delvers’ Guild rents a storage locker in the Salon so that its members have access to some equipment that makes their search for lost things easier.

Locations in the Dreamscape

  • Aldez is a large city in the north of Luyehr Valley. Most visitors spend all of their time in the Dreamscape in Aldez. The Salon is located here, and visitors rarely make the effort to travel outside of the city.
  • Kiln is a small city in the southeast of Luyehr Valley. Its economy revolves around providing goods and services to inhabitants of the Dreamscape.
  • Ogann is a large fortress in the south of Luyehr Valley. Visitors are not allowed to enter Ogann, because it is a highly secure compound designed to keep dangerous creatures from the Maelstrom out of Luyehr Valley.


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