Troll's Maw

Troll’s Maw is a cold, misty swamp in the Waking World. It is near Badger and is generally avoided by locals due to its dangerous nature. The mists that hover over the swamp make it extremely dangerous to traverse. At the edge of the swamp (furthest from Badger) is a hillock of stone and earth that is thought to be a burial mound.

Troll’s Maw is know to be the home of at least one swamp troll.

History of Troll’s Maw

1 year ago: Several swamp trolls emerged from Troll’s Maw and attacked Badger. They were driven back, and one was seen returning to Troll’s Maw
10 years ago: A blizzard rolled over Troll’s Maw in midwinter, and the entire swamp was frozen over. During this time, those who passed near Troll’s Maw claimed to see a pillar of ice deep in the swamp.
100 years ago: Those who claim to know about such things estimate that the burial mound at the edge of Troll’s Maw was raised at this time.

Troll's Maw

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