Wildwheat Woods

WIldwheat Woods is a small forest of medium (35-40 ft. tall) wildwheat stalks in the Waking World. It is near Badger and is frequented by reapers from the village who harvest the wildwheat. Hunters also visit the woods to hunt birds and small game.

Wildwheat Woods is known to be home to a pack of wolves.

History of Wildwheat Woods

1 year ago: Morfus Drang disappeared from Badger and was last seen near Wildwheat Woods. His family spent months searching for him, but no trace of him was ever found.
10 years ago: The Wildwheat Woods were devastated by a disastrous blizzard. Ulin Rudahlu attempt to protect the woods by turning the stalks temporarily to stone, but the magic must have failed. The woods remained unchanged and were ravaged by the storm, but have since recovered. Ulin has not been seen since.
100 years ago: An old legend says that the goddess Tawny visited Wildwheat Woods and blessed a particular stalk of wildwheat.

Wildwheat Woods

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